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Zou Tube

Inspiration - 1mm colored leather or cotton cording, sterling tubes, silver end caps and clasp

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Kiss of life for the 'oxygen tank' bride: How a new lung for cystic fibrosis sufferer has given her a new start

The gift of life for the "breathless" bride: A double lung transplant for cystic fibrosis sufferer, Kirstie, has given her a new start in life with her new hubbie, Stuart :-) to see someone this happy

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Knots Pillows That Will Never Disappoint You

This example of knot work is cool and surprising. Instead of using knot work in a traditional way, such as for bracelets or tying things together, this example uses different knot techniques to create large and decorative pillows. These pillows are creative, easy to make, and look very comfortable.

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Balloon Installation by German choreographer William Forsythe

Breathtaking Rooms Filled with Thousands of Balloons

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Heart Waffle Iron

Nog een leuke manier om de auto's op te bergen in de klas. Zou het opruimen ook motiveren waarschijnlijk :-)

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