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Scorpio stars melamine plate

This Scorpio Constellation is a 1825 celestial hand-colored etching featuring the zodiac sign Scorpio, enhanced and reproduced just for this plate. Listing is for plate in first view, one 10 inch melamine plate made to order and made for a good time. Please note that the artwork is beautifully aged and distressed. Matching platter and the astrological characteristic plates for this zodiac sign coordinate with the constellation plate and are listed separately. One plate lists the good or…

A Taurus always have a strong desire to fix things out of their control in order to maintain the stability in their life

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I don't mind living comfortably. Riches is nice but not a priority. I dispise the fact that people let money rule them.

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I lied once, in order to keep a jalous person away from a beloved one. It is still breaking my heart.

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#Cancers - This is true. Very true! But for me it varies a lot, some days the ration in that order is like... 10:90, whereas other days it can be 90:10!

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Learn to feel and read the energy of people, places and things, and trust it. Some call it intuition, some a vibe, others discernment. If it feels off, then we move on. But if we do find ourselves lingering, then ask, why are we ignoring our internal guidance? Why would we intentionally put ourselves and our well-being in any sort of harms way? What is the situation trying to reveal to us and what do we need to become aware of and accept, in order to choose some thing better? -ts

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