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Another pinner wrote--Just used this tutorial - Took less than 5 min to save a pair of pants that I was about to throw away. Tutorial: How to Fix a Broken Zipper

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How To Fix A Separated Zipper

How to Fix a Separated Zipper - with this simple trick, using a common household product, it can be easy to repair a zipper with little effort! | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

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The Zipper Lady Gives Tips on Repairing Zippers

Nancy Zieman/How to repair zippers/Sewing With Nancy | Nancy Zieman Blog

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How to Fix a Zipper Split

A broken zipper can be frustrating, especially when it happens on an expensive item of clothing, camping gear or luggage. Zippers themselves are inexpensive, but professional replacement can be costly and time-consuming. Though many modern zippers are self-repairing, malfunctions do occur. The most common zipper problem is a split -- a part in the...

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Zipper Repair for a Coat or Jacket

Zipper Repair for a Coat or Jacket

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How to Fix a Zipper Split

How to Fix a Zipper Split (with Pictures) | eHow

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The Easiest Way to Repair a Split Zipper

It happens to the best of us. On a jacket, pair of jeans, backpack. Zippers are moving parts, and as the ManMade law of physics #4 goes, anything with moving parts will eventually wear out or break. But, no worries. When a zipper splits, you don't need to toss your goods. It's a simple, one-tool repair you can complete in five minutes.


Zip to It! Fast Zipper Repair

An easy hack to mend a broken zipper pull on your favorite jacket. The solution is extremely simple and involves a single piece of a ribbon. Want to see how? Have a look, you'll save the money and the jacket!