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Zelda U Release Date

"It shattered so easily, I couldn't imagine that I had done something wrong. Sirens blared in my ears, drowning Reya's voice."

from Career Girl Daily

Why Do We Never Have Enough Time?

Upper Metal Class


Feast Your Eyes on This Awesome Breath of the Wild Link Figure If you want to recreate scenes from the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the wilds of your suburban enclave Medicom is releasing an amazing Link figure to help you achieve your miniature Nintendo dreams. The highly detailed figure comes equipped with a sword shield bow and a quiver of arrows. And from the photo via GANKING on Twitter it looks like Link will come with an actual cloth tunic. Image source…


Zelda U delayed to 2017, also to be on NX , which is launching in March 2017<- GAAAAH I know delays are sometimes needed but COME ON! I'm gonna be an old lady by the time this game comes out! At least it will be the main focus at E3...


Nintendo Releases New Zelda Artwork Announces E3 Promotions Heading into E3 Nintendo has detailed its promotions taking place before and during the show. The developer has also released new concept art for its upcoming The Legend of Zelda game. Nintendo will run a The Legend of Zelda Twitter campaignwhich begins todayfor Miitomo in-app gifts. The developer is planning on gifting all Miitomo users new The Legend of Zeldainspired wigs if a certain tweetgets over 10000 retweets. The Legend…


Prepare to embark on a Zelda inspired journey as Oceanhorn gets an Xbox One and…