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Galloping Finger Puppet Zebra Craft

This finger puppet zebra craft is fun for kids to make and kids will love playing with their zebra craft by making it gallop around the house. Cute animal craft, zoo craft for kids, preschool craft, crafts for kids and summer kids craft.

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Alphabet Craft - Letter Z

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Zebra pattern. Use the printable outline for crafts, creating stencils, scrapbooking, and more. Free PDF template to download and print at

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These Jungle Masks are perfect for at home play or for your VBS Jungle themed adventures. The masks are provided in both black and white and color for the kids

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"No David" circle time activities

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Z is for Zebra: Letter of the Week Preschool Craft

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Draw out very large animal (zebra). Cut into pieces. Let 2-3 class collage block COlour backgrounds. Let other kids Colour rest very brightly. Then piece back together.

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How to Build an Emergency Fund on a Slim Budget

This Z is for Zebra Craft is a great activity to do when learning about the letter Z. It's also an easy animal themed craft for kids to do on a rainy day.

Addition center - Students roll 2 dice and add shown amount of stripes to head. Students roll again and add number shown to body. Student will then write addition fact on the back.

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