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Jero Wood & Canvas Shelter This modular yurt kit assembles quickly & easily, then packs flat to fit in the back of your truck for transport. The 12-foot diameter, 135 sq. ft. yurt will make a perfect portable summer cabin or give you an easy way to set up a temporary guestroom in the backyard.


Smiling Woods Yurts :: Yurt Exteriors have a large deck... and french doors, bring the outside in, and the inside out!

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7 Best Sources for Yurt Kits

7 Best Sources for Yurt Kits | Apartment Therapy


Need Extra Room? Build This Modern Bungalow

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Frontier Stove Tent Bundle

Frontier Stove Tent Bundle – Lotus Belle UK


SMILING WOODS YURTS This company creates customized yurt house kits. I think I really need to build my own unique house. The website says they help make your building experience as enjoyable as possible and use recycled materials and environmentally friendly products and materials whenever possible. Now to find a home site!

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3 Yurt Kit Comparisons

3 Yurt Kit Comparisons | Apartment Therapy

from Apartment Therapy

3 Yurt Kit Comparisons

If you are dreaming of simpler or off-the-grid living, a Yurt is a fantastic option. There are several companies making inexpensive Yurt kits that provide a very affordable all-season home, studio, or country home. If you can find a cheap piece of land a yurt is an excellent choice for your own off-the-grid dwelling, the kits can even provide a home as large as 5000 sq. ft. or more.