Traditional Japanese Kimono (female). The style of this particular Kimono gives quite a regal feel which is something I should consider when looking at hierarchy of the characters within my animation. In addition, the colours are quite interesting as there is a large contrast between light and dark, which is also something I should think about.

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Вопрос 6. Средневековая Япония, эпоха Хэйан. Wearing Heian-period-style court multi-layered kimono. Japan

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I would like to get this Kimono as a gift for Pumpkin. This would fit her perfectly.

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I have always wanted a kimono & obi...don't ask me why because I don't have an answer. I would want a different pattern & color than this one shown.

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JAPANESE EMBROIDERED GREEN SILK THEATER KIMONO. Worked with gold thread to depict crane decoration. - 74 in. high.

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