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A Simple Guide to Teaching Resilience

This poster is great because it shows that praise is useful in the correct situations and when it is the correct type. Also being there for students in other ways is another way to motivate them since students are more than just what you see at school.


Empowering Youth: How to Encourage Young Leaders to Do Great Things by Kelly Curtis MS. Offering indispensable advice to anyone seeking to integrate empowerment into their youth work, this guide demonstrates how youth leaders, teachers, peer program advisors, adults who work with teens and adolescents, and any professional organization with a youth focus can foster leadership qualities in youth.


Feelings Game: Here are a range of worksheets developed by the Children's Involvement Team, to aid direct work with children and young people. The worksheets are all around children's wishes and feelings.


Great diagram to use counseling with other CBT Tools to help explain the relationship between Thinking, Feeling, and Acting. Perfect for elementary school students. Concrete and easy to use.


Working with Traumatized Youth in Child Welfare (Social Work Practice with Children and Families) by Nancy Boyd Webb DSW BCD RPT-S,