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Your my world quotes

Our Perfect Vows to One Another

________, you are me dream come true, you are my world, the joy in my heart and the air that I breathe. Today I take you as my best friend, my partner in my life and my one and only true love. I promise you my deepest love and my fullest devotion...

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No matter how far I am, you're always on my mind and my heart, just know how much I love you and you're my world. - Love Quotes -

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I want a hug.

I want a hug. Why is it only me that can see what there expecting of us is so wrong on so many different levels it shouldn't have to be this hard they never had to go though all this to be together it's so wrong and there's only me that can see . We have to stand together on this or what do we really have I can't carry on livening like this it's making me Ill

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I was taught the Art of Romance by the Angels. If I wanted someone I could get to them. I am one of the few men who profoundly understand all the buttons to press when it comes to women. I could make any woman the happiest woman in the world but I chose my Queen and that decision is final

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14 Beautifully Inspiring Love Quotes – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Making connections with people comes about when you network. This offers you the…

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And this is what....tired of all the fighting...tired of you living the double life..tired of your lies and thinking you know everything and that your always tired of hurting

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