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10 Brilliant Quotes That Sum Up Friendship

The difference between a best friend and a friend when it comes to your crush! Haha! Only my 2 bffs Still would do this to me. However, I would do this to both of them:) lol


Well you know how the post says something good will happend to you between 12 am to 4 pm well look at the time come on good luck come on my wish come true come on im waiting hello ok nothing happened so far wow such a lie why do i even bother with these things don't waist your time on posting these things there stupid and they never work ive done a million of them and well my crush never asked me out i never got my car never got the billions of dollars so its not worth all the time go out…


Cara Delevingne - Vogue January 2014 - eye definition need not rely on eye liner. Use eyeshadow to great effect, and your stare could be as captivating as Cara's.


ok. i admit it. youre the guy all my love quotes are about. youre the one im thinking about right now. cause i just really love you. i still love you. i swear, i always will.