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Young Thug Shirt

FOOTBALL FACTORY - John King [1/2] ■ « Les chaînes n’accordent aucune importance aux supporters, mais sans le bruit, sans le mouvement des spectateurs, le foot, ce ne serait rien. C’est une histoire de passion. [...] Sans la passion, le foot est mort. Reste vingt-deux mecs adultes en train de courir après un ballon sur un bout de gazon. C’est assez con, franchement. Ce sont les gens qui en font une fête »


I love pictures of baby Josh because he was so emo and it's adorable! Also he's not wearing the green shirt everyone else seems to be wearing... Me too, Josh.


woodmeat: allenschoolboychiu: YEAR OF THE THUG designed this for 300ent / Young Thug a Qual Agency project i want it on a shirt


Connor was aware of the people looking at him. He didn't belong to be in this police station. What he'd down wasn't that bad. He looked around at the thugs that surrounded him. They all had tattoos, scars, and beards. Connor? He was wearing a white T-shirt, black jeans , and he was only seventeen. Was what he did this bad?


Young Thug Rapper T Shirt

Young Thug Rapper T Shirt