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"Young Snape"... actually Snape was quite alot younger than the movies portray (don't get me wrong! Rickman is a splended Snape!) But when Snape became a teacher, replacing Sugghorn in '81, he was the youngest to become a head of house at only 20 years old. He was only 31 when Harry first met him, & he was murdered by Voldimort at age 37. & remember, Snape was the same age as Lilly & James. (Hope I got all that right!)


Then there is me, probably the only weirdo on the planet who has a crush on Professor Severus Snape. Haha. I love how he manages to make 'serious and grumpy' so very sexy, lol...and how he's really a 'good guy'. I seriously LOVE Alan Rickman....also, his voice has to be one of the sexiest sounds ever produced by a person's larynx; I could listen to him speak all day long, haha. Love all his films and love him.

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Young Daniel talking about Alan Rickman's portrayal of Snape.