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I can't play the guitar, but I will learn to play so on nights we are alone I can play for you and show you how much I love you.. Remember I'm a drummer so it may take a while for me to learn it. ;)


7 Things He Really WANTS From A Relationship (But Is Afraid To Ask)

Your Love I Felt To My Heart's Core... My love can go miles and miles far, And as deep as the oceans are. A true miracle in my life you are, I put you at mountain height in my heart. In you a best friend I found, A special place I gave you in my…


Wherever You Will Go

Young love - forever love. Who was your first crush? Did it work out?


Curious for you (an Emblem3/Keaton Stromberg fanfic)


21 Books That Will Make You Fall In Love With YA, Because Young Adult Lit Is Something Everyone Can Adore

Every person who reads young adult lit has that one book that kicked off her dazzling YA love affair. Mine was the Fearless series by Francine Pascal (you might remember her from the Sweet Valley High books, too). I started this series in middle scho


They both needed her. But Becca was the only one to admit it. Connor acted strong, for Becca, but also because if he said it out loud, that he feared she wasn't coming back, it would come true, and he would never be good enough to change that


Love needs basics.... Let your love in ure heart be young forever and be excited to see your love once..