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Young Living Cypress

Blue Cypress, sometimes referred to as Blue Gold is a beautiful, naturally cobalt blue essential oil that comes from a tree. It supports a healthy respiratory system. This oil supports muscles and is great to use post-workout. It can also moisturize skin. When applying topically, you can use it alone or blend it with Sacred Frankincense, Lavender and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oils to hydrate your skin after time outside.

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WTH just happened?!?!.. Numbness & tingling in my arm gone! DIY Pain Killer…

I can't sit here any longer without sharing this quick story! I have suffered from Pain, Numbness, & Tingling in most often both arms in the morning. Today was no different.. Well with a couple...

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Ready to Try Young Living?

Young Living Essential Oils Diffuser Blend- Italian Spring, Bergamot, Lemon and Cypress


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Hiccups Be Gone!

Relief from annoying (and sometimes painful) hiccups using Young Living Cypress and Peppermint Essential Oils.

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