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10 lessons for young entrepreneurs infographic #entrepreneur #Infographic

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The Etsy Journals

Imagine this: Your Etsy shop is getting HUNDREDS of hits per day via Pinterest, and the people who click through are EXCITED about your product. They’re ready to buy. Some studies are beginning to show that people are willing to pay MORE for items found on Pinterest than any other social network…So you’re sitting pretty. Click to learn how to do it!

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11 Young Entrepreneurs Share Their #1 Career Tip

These young entrepreneurs are sharing invaluable career advice with you

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9 Questions to Help You Define Your Personal Brand

Provided by members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC), here are 9 questions that will help you define your personal brand.

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9 Must See TED Talks For Young Professionals

Ted Talks For Young Professionals who struggle living the "standards and pressures of daily life." Young Entrepreneurs who are pressured to keep with business needs - seriously, you have to WATCH THIS.


INFOGRAPHIC: 7 secret business rules men don't share with women. For women entrepreneurs this is how you can compete with your male peers. Ernst & Young's global vice chair of strategic growth markets Maria Pinelli exposes the unwritten code of business conduct that gives male entrepreneurs an edge.

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Rookie Mistakes: 4 Lessons Young Entrepreneurs Learn The Hard Way

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The Pros and Cons of Buying an Existing Small Business

2016 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist Maggie Liu Aims to Create a Legacy

Business Plan Mind Map - that's exactly the level you should look at this topic in an early stage startup environment. Use it as a brain teaser, be very selective (e.g. don't worry about balance sheets etc.) and don't overstrategize. Stay humble and lean and capture your initial data in the lean or business model canvas - not in a heavy business plan document.

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The Pros and Cons of Buying an Existing Small Business

NFIB 2016 Young Entrepreneur Award Winner: Nathan Paffenroth, Two Brothers’ Lawn Care