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You Have Been Warned

If you have ever had the privilege of having your life blessed by a Staffy you will understand this photo and the sentiment behind it. #StaffordshireBullTerrier

from Georgiana Circle: Women Healing History

Great drawings of 18th century hats and hair-do’s

Found this wonderful drawing of over a dozen different 18th century hairstyles. It includes many that might have been warn by Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire. You must click to see the up-do with t...

Once you piss off a Taurus it's really hard to calm them down. The moment they feel that they have been wronged, it's game over

Don't even try to read this without a kleenex at the have been tough to lose a loved animal / a part of the family....

And from this day forth I shall do this to everyone who asks me to close a door You have been warned