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For all the cute quotes, pictures and couples to help you conguer your love life! Dont let anything stand in your way for the quest for love!!

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"NOOOO KEEP CALM AND DON'T BE A HUFFLEPUFF!!" Or keep calm and be anything but a Hufflepuff...according to Pottermore, I'm Ravenclaw, so I'm good

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15 Ways to Beat Procrastination #infographic #Procrastination

15 Ways to Beat Procrastination #infographic

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Basic biscuit dough

Basic biscuit dough. Make basic recipe and then added 1/3c good quality cocoa. You could also add nuts, fruit, oats, spices, cheeses...anything really. (put dough in fridge for half an hour).

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Station on the London Underground. The random thing that always trikes me about Underground platforms is you can arrive on it and it will be empty, and within a few seconds be teeming with life

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Share this post and help spread the love! I’ve heard people say that you are what you think. And it’s <a class='read-more' href=''>Continue Reading</a>

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How to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness #infographic

How to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness #infographic

How To Be Happy And Beat Stress | Infographic This pin talks about how to overcome being stressed and how to become more happy. It shows percentages on what makes us stress and it shows what it's doing to our health.

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