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One of the most popular of all dog breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier is a favorite among fans of small dog breeds. Description from I searched for this on


10/23/16 SUPER URGENT CAN BE EUTHANIZED ANY DAY ADOPT SENIOR LILO – Yorkshire terriers live until 15 and she is only 9 - A0939224 *RETURNED 10/06/16 friendly, eager to get attention, easily allowed all handling NEUTERED MALE, BLACK / BROWN, YORKSHIRE TERR MIX, 9 yrs OWNER SURRENDER Reason NO TIME Intake Date 10/06/2016, past Due Out Date 10/13/2016.


this adorable raggamuffin looks a lot like my mother's rescue Jack Russell Terrier after she's been out on rodent patrol in the back yard!!! ... super smart ... delightful when trained ...