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believe every step you are taking is advancing you, even though, day to day, you don't feel it. Someday, if you don't quit, you will.


Practice makes Progress. (Wendy J. Li) Great reminder! All it takes is time :)


Feel like you'll never touch your toes?! PRACTICE and you will find space BELIEVE and you will get there!


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@coolting PATIENCE "The picture on the left was the very first dancer I took a picture of. I remember that night so clearly. I was wobbling all over the place trying to find my balance. And then soooo excited when I saw the pic - I felt like a dancer. And the picture on the right is my most recent shot of dancer. I started doing yoga 3 years ago and have spent hour and hours practicing. I am not naturally flexible and have had to work so hard to get to where I am"


This is why it's a yoga _practice_


Truly inspirational. Until this moment, seeing this image, i didn't honestly believe that much change was possible. Big gratitude to this person.anyone know who this is?


JANUARY ----> NOVEMBER Time for another backbend progress report. Bit by bit I'm inching closer to my heels, even got a little tickle on my right side. How did I get here? Well lately I've been focusing almost EXCLUSIVELY on upper spine lengthening- twisted prasarita & twisted one legged pigeons, puppy poses & shoulder stands. It's definitely paying off. As you can see, when I started off I had zero opening. If I can do it anyone can! #yogaprogress


2 years ago that was as far as I could go and that was already taking everything out of me. 2 years later I can't quite believe the difference! There are a few things I swear by to improve back bending so here are my top tips: 1. WALL STRETCH 5mins, face a wall one arms length away, place hands on wall, hand shoulder width apart, start to walk feet back and melt the head and chest downwards. You should feel it in the back of your shoulders. 2. BLOCK RESTING 5mins, place a hard yoga block ...