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Yin Yang Tattoo Meaning

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Sunmoon. Mehndi. The sunmoon, which is a design that blends together sun and moon into a single shape, represents both the union of opposites completing each other (similar to the yin yang symbol), and impossible that becomes possible, being thus a positive symbol of life and overcoming adversities.[...]


Yin and Yang must both exist for balance! Learn more at

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balance of life…

The world isn't separated into the good and the bad. There is good and bad in all of us. It is the part we chose to act on that makes us who we are. (And yes Harry Potter fans this is a not completely correct quote from Harry Potter)

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Yin Yang Tattoos And Meanings-Yin Yang Tattoo Designs And Ideas

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Yin Yang Tattoos And Meanings-Yin Yang Tattoo Designs And Ideas

The yin yang is a popular symbol in the Chinese culture. View yin yang tattoo designs and learn about the meanings behind the yin yang tattoo. View dozens of yin yang tattoo designs.


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The best his & hers tattoos we've found on Instagram. From minimalist heart tattoos to cute yin and yang designs, here are our favourites, and their meanings....

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50 Henna Tattoos For Non-Permanent Fun

Henna Tattoos, I would love to do this...All the beauty with none of the pain&if you change your mind, it doesn't mean damaging your outer epidermis! <3