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((Closed RP)) I was walking down the street like any normal day until I bumped into two lovely ladies. "Umm excuse me but you are very much in my way and I have a very important place to be." They looked awfully suspicious and the sight of them was almost humorous.


Sir William Wallace (died 23 August 1305) a Scottish landowner who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence. Along with Andrew Moray, Wallace defeated an English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, 1297 was Guardian of Scotland, serving until his defeat at Battle of Falkirk July 1298. In 1305, Wallace was captured in Robroyston and handed to King Edward I of England, who hanged, drawn, and quartered him for treason and crimes against English civilians.


2NE1 Trending On Facebook Following News Of CL's US Debut

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Juno Eclipse

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The Norwegian Spiral anomaly appeared over the night sky of Norway, early morning on December 9, 2009. The intensity of the spiral’s light was visible from northern Norway to Sweden. Many photographs and video recordings were taken of the spiral as well as numerous witness accounts.


In Taoist mysticism, the Dragon is both the keeper and protector of the elemental forces of nature. It is, literally, that fundamental force. Thus, the ‘dragon’ may be birthed of air, water, fire, earth, ether, or aligned with that element. To find your Dragon Guide, you must first find you Element... As a general rule, you can go by your astrological sign


Song Minho (YG WIN Team A)


Angelina Weld Grimké (February 27, 1880 – June 10, 1958) was an African-American journalist, teacher, playwright and poet who was part of the Harlem Renaissance; she was one of the first African-American women to have a play performed.


Dance Moms - Chloe Lukasiak - Dream On A Star (FULL SOLO VERSION)