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Yeti Microphone

from Raelyn Tan: Blogging & Digital Marketing Strategist

The 5 Best Microphones Used By Entrepreneurs (For Online Video Creation)

These are the top few microphones that I've seen entrepreneurs rave about repeatedly. You can't go wrong with any of these microphone to film your online videos. #microphone #entrepreneur #videos


MoneyMatches - Win a Blue Yeti Microphone -

If you have a Blue Yeti microphone, there are many ways to improve how you use it, including mic stands, shock mounts & Pop filters. Here are the options!

Auphonix Blue Yeti Pop Filter. For Blue Yeti and USB Desk Microphones. Flat Clamp Attaches To Blue Yeti, Desktop, Flat-Sided Microphone Booms. For Podcasts and Voiceovers - Double Screen Prevents Popping - Bonus Recording Tips Ebook Auphonix

Surprise coming soon... stay tuned now we have a great post by @themaxsandelin A lot of things have transpired and I sometimes wish I had a vlog of everything but that will come in the future. Yesterday I had enough of the project I tried to work for a short time to help them transition but everything in the project affected me so profoundly that I couldnt stand becoming so depressed and feeling like I was sitting of my time there. It wasnt bringing value to the project nor was I learning…

BLUE Yeti USB Professional Microphone - Silver