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A Habbani Jewish couple, married in Israel after their 'aliya, mid-20th century. Note the traditional henna and jewelry paired with the Western clothing.


Photograph of a Yemenite Jewish girl, , Irit Kapach, wearing golden ceremonial dress and gold and silver jewelry. Goldsmiths and other craft people are among the Jews who emigrated to Israel from Yemen. Yemenite Jewish brides in a traditional wedding ceremony may wear this golden dress. The rings and necklaces are made of gold, silver, and jewels. Photograph by Nathan Benn taken November 1, 1979 in Jerusalem, Israel.

from National Geographic

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Jewish Yemenite Henna Ceremony.. Photograph by Punam Bean - A Jewish Yemenite Henna Ceremony is a tradition dating as far back as the Bronze Age. The bride-to-be is adorned with ornate jewelry and a headdress in the traditional style of wedding attire of Yemenite Jews.


Yemenite Jewish man making traditional gold and silver jewelry and decorations for the Torah, in Jerusalem. The goldsmith is Yossef Zadok, who learned this skill in Yemen and emigrated to Israel in 1949 with many other Yemenite Jews. Mr. Zadok is a 5th generation goldsmith. *I would to sit down and talk to this man for an afternoon, the stories he could tell*