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Spicy Stuffed Yellow Chili Peppers. We gotta find a way to use all our Santa Fe Grandes and these look delicious!

Chilli con Jamie

chilli con jamie, Jamie Oliver. Beef brisket, hot coffee, dried chillies (chipotle, poblano), ground cumin, smoked paprika, dried oregano, bay leaves, red onions, chillies, cinammon sticks, garlic, chopped tomatoes, muscovado sugar, yellow & red peppers, tin beans, sour cream (topping).


CLEARANCE- Decorative Pillows- Premier Prints Red Madison Damask Pillow Cover- 14x14 inches- Zippered Pillow- Cushion Cover- LAST ONE


Veggie chilli

Vegetarian chili with Sweet Potatoess | Jamie Oliver @kayhargreaves .x


chili peppers OK, so now that I have them what do I do with them. Cayenne, chili habanero, Serrano, and yellow.


Bolivian Rainbow Chili Peppers - got seed from Kay several years ago and started some under lights in the basement not thinking they were still viable. They were! Planted out in the raised driveway bed May 11, 2015.