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I think it's a really cool idea to do a bucket list. I also like how they showed the students' handwriting


A page full of sticky notes. We could also have the freshman write down their goals for high school as a whole and choose the most creative/ interesting to feature. That could be a great reminder to older students of what we wanted high school to be and how to achieve our goals. Also include polaroid look alike pictures, push pins, and maybe a homework to do list for visual interest.


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"Who's Who?- TEACHER edition" We do a Who's Who section every year for our graduating students. This year, we surprised the kids with a Teacher edition! *Ask teachers to participate, then collect one childhood photo for the Who's Who pages, and one current photo for the reveal pages in the back of the book. We asked our participating staff to take a silly selfie of themselves for our reveal pages, which made it more fun! This was a fun addition to our yearbook!

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High School Flashback Party

I'm sure the flash back party would be fun, but what a cute idea for a staff page!