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Top Ten Things to Do in Tampa, FL

Top ten things to do in Tampa, Florida.


You can't mention Tampa without talking about Ybor City! Ybor City is a National Historic Landmark District in Tampa.

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Ybor City

Ybor City..Jim & I loved going to Ybor-- the cigar workers museum is great and the town has a great athmosphere and is very safe in the daytime.


Ybor City, Tampa, FL Ybor City (/iːbɔ̹r/) is a historic neighborhood in Tampa, Florida located just northeast of downtown. It was founded in the 1880s by cigar manufacturers and was populated by thousands of immigrants, mainly from Spain, Cuba, and Italy. For the next 50 years, workers in Ybor City's cigar factories would roll millions of cigars annually.


Blind Tiger Cafe Ybor City - at 1901 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

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The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City, Tampa, FL. Founded in 1905; it is the oldest and largest Spanish restaurant in the U.S.


Entrance of famous Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida. Photo by Sandy DeWitt.


Experience the Rich Cuban Culture in Ybor City, Florida

Ybor City used to be a thriving cigar industry composed of Cuban and Spanish immigrants and was founded in 1885 by a group of cigar manufacturers led by Vicente Martinez-Ybor. The Cuban culture still remains in Ybor and it's also filled with vintage stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and breweries.