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Play, Create, Learn... it's all MIDI ... it's in musical instruments, computers, cell phones, and many other products from well known companies like Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Sony, Yamaha, & hundreds more consumer products companies. Most popular recorded music is written and performed using MIDI-equipped electronic keyboards (aka "synthesizers"). Much music is also written on computers using "Sequencers" and/or "Digital Audio workstations".


Yamaha O±O : Electrically Power Assisted Bicycle by Jose Gonzalez

The groundbreaking project AH A MAY is an experiment that could only be done by Yamaha. In a bold undertaking, the company swapped design teams across its major divisions: designers who normally work on musical instruments would instead design vehicles, and vice versa. The resulting crossovers are a daring departure from tradition, and open unexplored …

Musikmesse 2017: Yamaha to once again present the company and brands in the entire Portalhaus building

2004 Yamaha MT-01 – estimated to sell between $7,000-$10,000. This won’t be particularly special to international readers, but the MT-01 (also known as the Bulldog) was never officially sold in the US. I find it fascinating, mostly due to the 1,700cc V-Twin powerplant. This example (VIN: R615E000890) is extra special because it was imported by Mike Corbin so that his company could use it to develop products for. It then got engine work, carbon fiber wheels, Akrapovic exhaust, and plenty…

Maria Motorcycles '80 XS 650E - ‘Eva

Maria Motorcycles '80 XS 650E - ‘Eva’ - Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles, Cafe Racers & Custom motorbikes