Xhosa - i see this word associated with these beautiful black and white dresses, but i don't know what it means yet

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The Xhosa people of South Africa are probably best known for their most famous son, Nelson Mandela, but many Xhosa live far from the modern world, deep in the Transkei region on the country’s Eastern Cape. This picture captures the most important adventure in these boys’ lives – their initiation into manhood, which involves five weeks of isolation

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Africa | Be it a bottle, a basket or a barrel, Xhosa women carry most goods on their heads. Eastern Cape - Transkei. South Africa. | Lister Haig Hunter.

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Xhosa traditional outfit ~African fashion, Ankara, kitenge, kente, African women dresses, African prints, Braids, Nigerian wedding, Ghanaian fashion, African wedding ~DKK

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Africa | Mandla Mandela, eldest grandson of former President Nelson Mandela, and his bride Tando Mabunu, marry in traditional Xhosa cultural dress at the remote rural Mandela farm. Mthatha, South Africa. 2006 | © Louise Gubb

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