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The Cast of The X-Files: Where Are They Now?

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The X-Files was more realistic than CSI

This is why X-Files > CSI...this and the quote "The body showed signs of decomposition beyond what we expected to find, which in and of itself means nothing really. Time of death is notoriously hard to quantify." sooooo true in real life.

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25 Times Closed Captions Were The Best Part Of TV

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10 steps that defined every X-Files- the only missing is the sexual tension. :)

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I LOVE the X-Files.....I always feel like everyone has forgotten about it because of shows like Doctor Who (even though I do love Doctor Who as well) and Sherlock until now....The X-Files is a classic and I love it so much!

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I miss the X-files. It did run on too long and probably should have ended around season 5 or 6, but I still love these two characters.

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