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Wyatt Earp Movie

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50 best movie moustaches

Kurt Russell in Tombstone


Old Western Swinging Saloon Doors example


Mark Harmon.....Oh my! I almost didn't recognize him without his gray hair! lol He's lookin good. ;P


John Henry "Doc Holliday was a gambler and a gunman and loyal friend to Wyatt Earp. He was born in Georgia in 1851 and it is believed he graduated from a dental college in Pennsylvania or Maryland around 1872. He practiced dentistry for a short time in Atlanta and Griffin, Georgia. It was in the early 1870's that Doc developed his chronic cough and other symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis, the same disease that killed his mother. He headed West to drier climate in 1873. He then practiced…


Lawman Wyatt Earp was born Wyatt Berry Strapp Earp in Monmouth, Illinois in 1848. He was, perhaps, the west's most celebrated lawman even though only six of his 80 years were spent in that capacity. He stood over six feet tall and was blond and blue-eyed. An impeccable dresser, he was known to never have left his house without coat and tie. His first law-related job was in Lamar, Missouri in 1870 when he was appointed constable. But he left town in 1871 after his first wife, Urilla…


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Wyatt Earp (1994): Earp from childhood to old age in this 3 hour movie. Description from I searched for this on

Tombstone 1993 - Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday, Bill Paxton as Morgan Earp, Sam Elliot as Virgil Earp and Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp