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N226-SK020 Hippy Skirt~ Ethnic Hippy Patchwork Wrap Around Skirt

I actually own this skirt. Cordell brought it to me from Nepal or someplace like that. Chandi and I both have enjoyd wearing it.

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Designer illustrates a song-a-day with logos

"It's my drum it's my, hold it now, it's my rhyme" -Beastie Boys Hold it now (hit it)

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Football Mad Boy's Birthday Card Great Sport, Tag It, For My Family, Pacific Point Joanne James, Stampin' Up Demonstrator,

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De botellas a macetas gatito (Kireei - Cosas bellas)

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Make in two halves as they tend to ‘sit’ nicer on the present. Cut a strip of wrapping paper about 20-30 cm wide. Fold the longest side of the paper in half to cut strips of fringe in less time. After cutting strips about 1/2 cm wide, unfold the paper & curl it using the edge of scissors. Don’t worry if a strip tears off, it won’t affect the finished result. Tip: To create the pretty ringlet effect, pull the scissors across the paper at a slight angle. | More step-by- step in the blog post.

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