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Top 7 Online Writing Tools for Students Who Lack Motivation

The Top 7 Online Writing Tools for Students Who Lack Motivation | If you're a college student (or high schooler) who needs help with writing papers or getting ideas for essays, then you won't want to miss out on this post! There are tons of great resources for students included. Repin for future reference!


The Ultimate Character Questionnaire A character questionnaire can be a great way to inspire a bit (or a lot) more detail about your characters. This list has been compiled from various sources around the net and in books and also our own brains. If you see any duplicates in the list please let us know, and if you have any additional questions we haven't thought of, email us if you'd like us to add them.


How to Write College Papers That Will Dazzle Your Professors

Although essays are viewed by most college students as a necessary evil they have to put up with in order to pass the class, they actually stand to benefit a lot from having good essay writi…


Technology (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Here's a writing worksheet to help you think about your story world's technologies. Technology is an important part of worldbuilding – it can help you develop people, culture, history, geography… almost anything.