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People who self harm are the same as anybody who else no matter if they are always smiling or are always hiding their emotion. Everyone is the same don't let the cuts on out wrists define us as some thing different.


The painful truth is that people who self-harm generally do so in secret. They aren’t trying to manipulate others or draw attention to themselves. In fact, shame and fear can make it very difficult to come forward and ask for help.


Day 11: strangest place I've cut? In a classroom. I didn't actually cut but I picked a scan from a previous self-harm cut. Does that count. I normally only cut in my bedroom or my bathroom.


Please don't give up. Life may be hard now but you can and will recover! Then you will be able to say "I am a warrior. I over came all of this and I'm happy now" just like I did! Ily all so so so much <3 please never give up! I'm always here for you! (: