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#Marina and the Diamonds #"Put a Ribbon on it" campaign Shot by #David Locke

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When BBC TV began transmitting again, following the Second World War, they introduced a children's segment titled 'For The Children' in which the puppet Muffin The Mule originally appeared. However, 1950 was the year that children's television really came of age. It saw the birth of Watch With Mother, the brainchild of legendary Freda Lingstrom, who became Head of Children's Television at the BBC.

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Taking action.

"The government has recommended everyone to stay indoors and not t-" I had enough of these news. They're almost as depressing as the news during World War II.

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Bag lady: Victoria posed on the steps to her store with a series of envy-inducing arm cand... ♦ℬїт¢ℌαℓї¢їøυ﹩♦

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World Aids Day Ribbon. The Hunger Project's trained 1.3million women and men in the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and Gender across Africa - read more

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