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And wilson's sketch "Paraselena at McMurdo Sound" owned by the Scott Polar Research Institute, from a sketchbook in which Wilson recorded much of their antartic adventure. In Fugitive Pieces, the cetral charcter, Jacob Beer marvels at the picture: "it was exactly as if Wilson had painted my memory of the spirit world.

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Loaded on the ship were a wide range of military vehicles which were being transported by ...


Hard to believe....Berlin 1945 Not sure why hard to believe. When you destroy as they did, it will come back at you with a vengeance.

from National Geographic

Stonehenge Photos

At ground level, the ruins of Stonehenge appear somewhat random and chaotic, but a view from the air reveals the monument's circular order. The site started out modestly around 3100 B.C. as a wide ring of wood posts surrounded by a ditch and bank. The familiar enormous rock slabs, some brought from hundreds of miles away, were added to the interior over a period of about 1,500 years.


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