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Concept art from the World of Warcraft movie

At BlizzCon the World of Warcraft director, Duncan Jones, told fans a little of his plans. He's a proper WoW gamer himself; getting up very early to play the game before his movie projects and has a level 90 Mage of his own.

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Incredible Artwork & Character Designs by Sergi Brosa (+Process Shots)

WoW by the numbers! Cool infographic with gamer stats!
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​World of Warcraft's Impressive First Decade, By the Numbers


As well as the armour design on this character, which looks amazing due to the colour scheme and ornateness of it, I also really like the two swords the character wields they look almost as if they can be joined together to form a single more powerful weapon which is something i believe would be really interesting for my own boss design.


World Of Warcraft's Mystic Runesaber Mount Coming This Week

It's a cat. It's very purple. It kind of gives me a Netherstorm vibe. Blizzard just teased this new mount on the official @Warcraft Twitter account without muc...


Everything We Know about World of Warcraft Legion - Wowhead My son says he will come back to WoW when this hits. I'm not sure if I will be getting this expansion.


World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 (World of Warcraft ...