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Technology (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Here's a writing worksheet to help you think about your story world's technologies. Technology is an important part of worldbuilding – it can help you develop people, culture, history, geography… almost anything.

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cw0630: “ I have my first test (“quest”) in World History Ancient tomorrow! Doing some last minute studying on Egypt. ”

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Worldbuilding Worksheet: History

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Black Dance in London, 1730-1850: Innovation, Tradition & Resistance by Rodreguez King-Dorset; The survival of African cultural traditions in the New World has been a subject of academic study & controversy for many years....Yet in the midst of all this controversy, the dance culture of blacks in London has been largely neglected. This book attempts to fill that void in the academic literature, Examines the history of London Black dance culture during the 18th & 19th centuries.

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The world's most beautiful miniature books

Anne Boleyn's gold book. Anne Boleyn purportedly handed this miniature book of psalms, which contain a portrait of Henry VIII, to one of her maids of honour when on the scaffold in 1536. This precious manuscript is owned by The British Library. #history #books

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MI5 tapped phones of King Edward VIII and his brother amid abdication crisis, a new book claims

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KS2 History Timelines- The Indus Valley Timeline Posters