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So many backpackers and travellers who visit Australia on their working holiday visa. Why? They haven't followed my 12 simple steps to getting a job here. They're proven too - by me!

from Go Overseas

How to Work and Travel Australia on a Working Holiday Visa

Your complete guide to doing a working holiday in Australia -- from visas to gap year jobs and cell phone plans to banking.

from Big World Small Pockets

Backpackers: 13 BEST Places to Work in Australia

After 2 years of travelling and working in the land Down Under, here are the 13 best places I think there are to work in Australia on a working holiday visa {Big World Small Pockets}

from The Penny Hoarder

Here’s How You Can Spend 6 Months in New Zealand, Even If You’re Not Rich

She thought she couldn’t afford to visit New Zealand for very long. Then she found out about the working holiday visa -- and enjoyed a six-month adventure, plus came home with money in the bank.

from y Travel Blog

How to Work and Travel on a Working Holiday Australia Visa

The Ultimate Guide on how to work and travel on a Working Holiday Australia visa. Find jobs, a place to stay, travel tips and how to get around Oz.

from A Broken Backpack

Ultimate Broken Guide to the Australian Working Holiday Visa

If you dream of an Australian lifestyle…Please, enjoy the ultimate broken guide to help you prepare your working holiday visa.