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Sort sounds into mini trash cans from the dollar store for super fun word sorts activities


Meaningful time (The Go To Teacher)

I fell in a trap this year. I didn't make every minute meaningful for my students. I followed the crowd even when I knew it wasn't working. It was easier for me. Although I was very aware of the ch


Words Their Way Based Word Sort Set BUNDLE

Implementing Words Their Way has never been easier with this bundle! You will…


Word Sorts {First Grade Edition}

Word Sorts {First Grade Edition} These 40 word sorts contain all the spelling patterns first graders need to know. Students color the words that follow the same patterns the same color and write them in the correct column. For extra practice, they can illustrate some of the words or write some in sentences on the back of each sheet. FREE Long e word sort if you download the preview!


Vowel Digraph Teams Word Sort Set (oi, oy, ai, ay, ou, ow, etc)

This set of 10 vowel digraph (teams) word sorts are the perfect engaging activity for students learning the different vowel spelling patterns. Thi...


Word Sorts {First Grade Edition}

WORD SORTS {FIRST GRADE EDITION} - Sort blends and digraphs... a lot of them!


Words Their Way -- Letter Name Alphabetic Sorts (1-50) -- Word Sorting Notebook

Words Their Way Word Sorting Notebook for Letter Name / Alphabetic Spellers --- Includes word sorting materials for all 50 word sorts included in the red workbook.


This 1st or 2nd grade word sort features the vowel digraph oi, oy In this station, the student can simply sort the words based on their spellings. They would then need to read all of the words as they sort them or at the end.


FREEBIE: AU and AW Word Sort