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FWW01/01/0033/001 Shoppers on the street outside the premises of F W Woolworth and Company Limited, 29-35 High Street


Bill Lacey of Woolworths persuaded the authorities to keep restaurant food off the ration. New rules limited the maximum cost of a meal to 5/- (25p). They did not allow meat and fish to be served at the same sitting. He also ensured ice-cream for the areas that had suffered the worst bombing. It was not rationed. Lord Beaverbrook arranged new fridges for stores as required giving the supply the same priority as building Spitfires for the Battle of Britain. This was to maintain public morale.

The Woolworths Menu from 1941 (with sincere thanks to Mrs Sybil Preece). Several prices have risen over the pre-war sixpenny limit as a result of shortages and wartime price inflation.

An advertisement in the Woolworths Good Things to Know Magazine published in 1940 includes this advert explains why Woolworths had given up its upper price limit of sixpence an item. The move was said to be temporary, but turned out to be the end of an era.

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Bethnal-Green-Tube-Disaster-Plaque On the evening of 3rd March, 1943, London was still in the grips of a black-out, so lighting was limited. Suddenly, at 8.27pm, the air raid siren sounded and people began making their way to the entrance of Bethnal Green Tube Station. On the 19 steps to the station in 15 seconds, a domino effect took place as people fell forward and were crushed by falling bodies.


STUNNING & RARE "Relpo" Head Vase ~ Vintage TEEN Headvase w/org."Woolworth" Tag


New York Elevations Print

New York Architectural print by Swedish designers & architects Studio Esinam. -Limited edition print -Elevation drawings of 5 New York… #TrouvaHandpinnedHomewares