This wooden trellis trough planter makes a fantastic screen in the garden upon which to grow up climbing plants for an absolute riot of colour.

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Wooden Planter Boxes | Wooden Trellis-Back Planter Box: Gardening & Lawn Care :

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Tips on growing clematis--did you know they can't climb wooden trellises? They don't twine; they wrap, so any support thicker than 1/2 inch won't work. Use twine or trellis netting to give the illusion of climbing on your wooden trellis.

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Small nooks with a place to sit offer mental space to observe small vignettes of life--the play of light and shadow, a bumblebee moving from flower to flower, variegated leaves, stems of grass in a breeze. By being drawn into the microcosm of life, the viewer returns to the macro world which seems spacious and full of discoveries waiting to be seen.

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Vine Trellis By Tim Johnson Make any climbing plant happy with this 6-ft. tall, freestanding trellis.We used dadoes,glue and screws to fasten the slats because trellises take a beating each year when you tear off the old vines.We built our trellis from cypress,one of the longest-lasting outdoor woods.Ours was recycled from old water tanks and cost about $175 (see Sources, below). White oak, at $60, would also be a good …

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north garden gate and fence. old transcom across the top? perfect where fence just needed to keep deer out. more pretty than hog fencing. fits criteria of 7 1/2 ft limit (80/85% unobstructed). provides screening until tall shrubs fill in.

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Decorative trellis, planter boxes and stained or sealed wooden deck - lots of painting & project ideas here.

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