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Our Pirate Ship - made using 'Community Playthings' blocks - a table shade pole made our mast!

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Olde Worlde MEDIEVAL Pennant Flag - knight, princess, harry potter, wedding (colour combinations!)

DESCRIPTION: I use a combination of wet-felting and needle-felting to create a unique Tri-pennon Medieval style banner flag. During the ancient art of hot water wet-felting process the wool fibres shrink and knit together to create a lovely rustic, warbled edge effect (this is only ever seen on hand processed wet-felting). The wooden pole is stained a mid oak colour with a natural hemp cord hanger. The flag design is made of 3 separate strips of dyed wool. The natural character of the wool…

UKFlagShop 9`` x 6`` India Indian Large Desktop Table Flag With Wooden Base

Australian Cloth Hand Flag 18" Code: FHCAU Australian Cloth Hand Flag 12" x 18", on a 24" wooden pole. These flags are perfect as a centrepiece, and can be displayed in a tall vase, heavy jam jar, or even empty glass bottle. Not suitable for use with either our plastic or wooden flag holders.

Super easy to make. Use 2x6 or 2x8 instead of 2x4, add a bottom and make a sand box. Add a plank to walk.

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Union Jack Wood Flag

Union Jack Wood Flag, UK wooden flag, wall art by Patriot Wood

12 x usa small hand #waving flags with #wooden pole u.s.a #america/american 6" x , View more on the LINK: