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Wooden Beer Mug

'Viking' beer mug (no power tools - the bushcraft way)


Set of 2 Wooden Beer Mugs 0.7 l (23oz), natural wood, wooden beer mugs, groomsmen gift, Christmas gift, tankard, oak mugs

Set of 2 Wooden Beer Mugs 0.7 l 23oz natural wood by oakwoodwork

How To Make a Survival Beer Mug with no Power Tools — You know those rustic beer mugs in the movies; the wooden ones that Vikings swilled beer and mead from? If you’ve always wanted one of those, there’s some good news that will have you swilling in no time.


Beer stein; oak body with St. Louis Silver Co. decoration, raised mythical beasts surround body, serpent handle.

Wooden Beer Mug Mock-Up

But Will They Float? Cork and Wooden Beer Steins. [2] Beaked Lids, Daubenkrugs, and Misc. « Steve On Steins