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The new Wonder Woman trailer has arrived from Warner Bros. Pictures, delivering new footage from the highly-anticipated 2017 solo movie.


Wonder Woman is always been in my top list of doing some fun art, love the character with both strong yet beautiful elements. I’m so excited the movie!!!!


Artista cria imagens incríveis de Super-Heróis feitos em aquarela

O responsável por tanto talento é o artista francês Blule. O cara recriou os formatos, silhuetas e cores de vários super-heróis famosos usando apenas aquarela. E acho que é por isso que achei tudo tão incrível, porque sempre que tentei fazer algo com essa técnica eu acabava sujando tudo e, no fim das contas, minhas obras primas não passavam de borrões em tons de marrom! HAhahaha!


Back story: Wonder Woman aka Diana of Themyscira is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta. In the late 20th Century Hippolyta is told to mold clay into a baby girl. The clay was blessed by 6 Greek gods and Diana was born. Diana was destined to be sent beyond her home into Man's world. Diana moved to Boston meeting Dr Julia Kapatelis and Steve Trevor. She foiled a plan by Ares to destroy the world and joined the Justice League of America.


Wonder Woman: She’s not just a warrior. She is a dragon. And she is not afraid to burn your heaven to the ground. — death would be kinder than her touch