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PESTLE- Social. Members of the society of the United Kingdom, specifically London, enjoy a very high standard of living. Both women and men have a strong interest in personal and cosmetic welfare, including care for their hair. This will be analysed further when looking into the industry (MarketLine A, 2015).


Tweed jacket. A wonderful look and functional too. Great for the outdoors.


This is why I need feminism - Another GQ reminder. Why is she naked and the men fully clothed? What purpose does it serve here?


The Electric watch in red by Newgate Watches. Gloss red case with red silicone strap. A retro look for men and women.

from United States

Angus Tan Boot ($265.00) - Angus, arguably sums up H as a brand. This style takes inspiration from traditional footwear, is updated for modern trends, and finally we wash it….. Because we can! Using a soft tan leather, our designer has adorned the vamp with a traditional broguing pattern. This boot is lovingly fastened with a matching brown lace. For one of our best selling style there is only one throne suitable, a full premium leather sole

Angus Tan Boot ($265.00) - Angus, arguably sums up H as a brand. This style…

from the Guardian

The best women’s suits for all ages – in pictures

The best women’s suits for all ages – in pictures Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ Shares 12 Suits for men may be on their way out in the City, but they have become a bona fide look for women. And there are plenty of cool ways to wear them...

from Look Magazine

Best Adele Quotes: Her Funniest *Ever* Lines

Adele quotes: 12 of the singer's *funniest8 one-liners...


Farb-und Stilberatung mit - An Elegant Man's 3 Piece Tweed Suit - Definitely The Look Of An Earlier Time Era


NewLook 6968: I confess that probably the place where I would wear the most dresses is work, and look smart for the part each day. I think this little number is so fabulous in every version - and whilst you can get similar on the high street, I prefer the concept that there would be only one version of this, as made up by the individual creative sewer.