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Women in History I

This includes two prints, Women in History I and Women in History II. Images are inches on glossy medium weight paper Prints come signed. Colors will vary slightly due to calibration differences in monitors. Print is not matted and not framed.

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Women in History II

Sarah Satrun and Catherine Satrun, the twin powers behind the wildly popular We Are All Wonder Woman print, have released a new poster for Women’s History Month. Here’s the older one.

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40 Famous Women in History: Who They Are and Why They're Important

Annie Oakley! She was a trailblazer who challenged stereotypes about women of the time. Not only could she out-shoot men, she was out-earning most of them. Oakley also used her celebrity to campaign for a woman's right to paid employment and equal pay.

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USA: Grace Hopper - The inventor of the COBOL computer language - Instrumental to the development of our current digital lifestyle. Women we admire; influential women in history #Lottie dolls #herstory

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“Without Women, Computing as We Know It Would Not Exist.” But there are those that would have you believe that women aren't smart enough to make decisions regarding our own bodies.

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Cecilia Payne - It constantly amazes and saddens me how little we focus on historical women in science.

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The day the women went on strike

On Oct. 24, 1975, 90% of Icelandic women went on strike, refusing to do any work at their homes or their jobs. It was the largest demonstration in the nation's history and shut down the entire country.

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UK: Mary Seacole (1805-1881) the pioneering nurse and heroine of the Crimean War. Women we admire; influential women in history #Lottie dolls #herstory

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Rosa Parks was NOT the first black woman to refuse to give up her bus seat. Read the story and share it with everyone you know!!!! What a fraud..

SWEDEN: Elsa Andersson (1897-1922); Sweden’s first female aviator. Women we admire; influential women in history #Lottie dolls #herstory

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