Women Firefighters

Female firefighters working at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941

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The Firefighter's Workout Book: The 30 Minute a Day Train-for-Life Program for Men and Women by Michael Stefano, www.amazon.com/...

Because while I have nothing against women who marry firefighters...I want a shirt of my own!

Facebook – Women in Firefighting & EMS | The Dispatcher's Chair

Tracy Lewis, firefighter. Of the roughly 11,500 firefighters in New York City, only 31 are women.

us female firefighters are hot too

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Women firefighters

Female minority: Women firefighters pull their share

Run the Nike Women's Marathon. When you finish, a firefighter in a tux gives you a Tiffany Co. necklace! Ok, this is officially on my bucket list.

Women firefighters


Paul Harvey "Fireman" At his BEST he tells what its like to be a firefighter

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Female cops and firefighters and medics

Firefighting women, this is my next goal in life. To be a firefighter on top of being a solider.

Firefighters? Women? Firefighter women?? Yes.

Firefighting Photography at Its Finest Laura Yanes uses the Tamron SP 17-50mm VC lens to showcase America’s bravest men and women in uniform.

1941, Training at the UK’s Royal Northern Hospital in Holloway practice for blitz fires. - Found via Buzzfeed

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To meet the labor shortage during World War II, and free men for work war and the military, the Army trained these women to be firefighters. April 1, 1944.

Ahhh this is awesome ! God Bless our Fireman and women who give more than they have to and will tell you that the reason why is bigger than they are .

I love this: Arlington County has a girls' firefighter camp in an effort to recruit more women into the field. I never knew! I'd love to see my favorite Ladder 109 with a few more women.