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Women's Gypsy Look Clothes

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What to Wear to a Music Festival - A Woman's Guide

Music Festival fashion tips, trick and ideas. Helping you to style the best looks, outfits and makeup for the summer. Boho-Chich hipster.


Probably you guessed that a wide-sleeved blouse wasn’t Russian Roma’s invention — they borrowed it from Kalderash Roma and made it a bit easier. Our women have never looked as exotic as Romanian ones. The principle was — the more decent — the better: arms had to be covered at least to an elbow and no low-necks!

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Women's White Ruffle Chiffon Tank, White Crochet Bikini Pant

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to mimic this look: add horizontal ribbons or scrap fabric to blazer sleeves that are added to long vest; also, add blazer collar


She holds the energy of a Queen and all those who are her people are gifted with her beauty, her hand me down bags, her willingness to give a hug and her laughter that sounds like wind chimes.

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How To Style A Kimono

Denim | Long Aqua Necklace by kvbijou | Crochet top | kimono | Salty Blonde


Chittister Duster Coat in Dusk Wool Bouclé. Chittister Frock in Dusk/Harvest Moon Floral Silk Organza. Fennefleur Frock in Harvest Moon Striped Silk Taffeta. Fall/Winter Look No. 33 by Ivey Abitz.


Look good while you get your beauty rest in our favourite thermal romper! Super cozy and comfy cotton with a cheeky fit for a flirty look. Long-sleeves with cuffs Thermal ma