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WOLVERINE! This is an easy and simple poster to know what movie this is. Everyone knows that the guy in the movie has hairy arms as he is like wolverine and also that he has 3 blades coming out his hand when he holds his fist.


'Wolverine' Director Teases Movie in Fierce 6-Second Vine

The Wolverine director shared a six-second Vine, which serves as teaser for Tuesdays 20-second teaser for a full movie trailer that comes out Wednesday.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

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Logan: New French Poster for the Final Wolverine Film A new French poster for the upcoming Wolverine film Logan has been released featuring the films two main leads. The image shows Logan (Hugh Jackman) with his claws out carrying Laura Kinney/X-23 (Dafne Keen) while on the run. Check out the image below: The French Logan movie poster via Internet Movie Poster Awards. The first poster for the film debuted last month and shows X-23 holding Wolverines bruised hand. Both images hint at a…


!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! And he makes a joke about how wolverine can sing. Or that professor x was a captain in Star Trek


Wolverine . . . But shouldn't the x-ray be able to see through the adamantium? I mean, he does have bone claws under there. Either way: it looks awesome!


The Wolverine Movie Review

The Wolverine Movie Review - Should you head out to the theaters to see it this weekend? - Better in Bulk #Wolverine


X-Men: Apocalypse : le magnifique poster apocalyptique

Get X-Men: Apocalypse DVD and Blu-ray release date, trailer, movie poster and movie stats. Apocalypse, one of the world's most powerful and first mutants ever, was worshiped as a God by early civilizations. After absorbing the power of other mutants,...