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Moon Goddesses Poster with history and multiple cultures definitions of the Goddess. Quote from poster. " The Moon-Goddess has been know in many times and cultures. She is usually the protector of wom


Have you looked at the cost of candles lately? And don't even think about looking at altar supplies if you're on a tight budget - - - they're outrageous! If you're like me, a Pagan on a very fixed ...

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Spirit Guide Herbs, Witchcraft Supply, Dried Herbs, Mojo bag, Magical Herbs, Ritual, Wicca, Pagan Supplies, Natural Incense, Herbal Incense

Spirit Communication Herbal Mixture 2x3 bag, 1/2 oz. dried herbs. Enchanted herbal mixture perfect for your magic spells. Use as an incense for any divination session. Handcrafted herbal mixtures make a wonderful floral incense when burned on charcoal. Other uses for dried herbs: * Mojo bags * Use them for Magical workings and rituals. * Circle the base of a candle with herbs. * Using a hot charcoal disc, you can sprinkle them on top and use for a natural incense. * Make a sachet and…


Love, Healing and Tranquility Magick Herbal Blend .~ Ingredients: Jasmine, Lavender, Rose buds and White Sage .~Does: Deigned to relax, cleanse and bring forth peace, love and happiness .~ From A Natural Witch- Grimoire of Life and Practice✯